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Gentle Reminder of Manners

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The pillars of our company are to create and share products that are “Good for You, Good for the Earth, Good for Humanity”. I’ll be highlighting the “Good for Humanity” pillar focusing on why I choose to name my products after manners.

When I first began creating what this business would stand on and look like I was teaching Oakley, our son, about manners. First through sign language and then constant, gentle reminders to approach requests and preferences in a kind way. The more that he started to do it the more I realized how hearing the word “NO” sounded much more manageable when it came out “NO THANKS”. Many parents may relate to the constant requests for snacks or milk or toys or anything else, just name it, and I found that when Oakley says (or rephases when prompted) “May I have more milk please?” for the 20th time that day, I’m much more amenable to that.

This got me thinking, if the simple act of using manners makes me a more gracious mom, what else can manners help with. So I thought, if Please & Thank You stood on a pillar of manners that it could serve as a gentle reminder that the simple act of manners could really be impactful to our mood, our approach, our outlook on things.

To me, manners don’t mean that I necessarily agree with you, but it means that I can respect you as a person. And that mutual respect and care for another human is important as we try to tackle the big topics. Not just that my toddle wants another snack, it means we can approach social injustice in a different way, it means we can have a different outlook when the world faces a pandemic, it means we can show each other kindness when a neighbor gets shot and there’s lots of questions around why.

Please & Thank You is meant to provide a gentle reminder to respect each other. A little bit of kindness and thinking outside of yourself can go a long way

Sharing is Caring Granola Bar

This bar is my personal favorite, I love how the flavors of peanut butter, hazelnut spread, almonds, coconut, and dried cranberries meld together with just a touch of sea salt to finish. We crafted this bar to be jammed-packed of nutrients because I thought “if I’m going to eat something its going to not only taste good be give me all the good things too.”

We named this bar Sharing is Caring because it feels so essential to the fabric of our culture. It means that when we give something to someone else, it is equal to caring for them. Sharing is caring simply means to look after others.

The world would be a happier place, if you share and care of others and in turn they too follow that principle. If you do something good to someone, they will feel loved and most likely do something good for someone else, so its affects others in a good way.

Pardon Me Granola Bar

This is the first bar that I made, and it was specifically created so that my husband would eat it. I wanted this bar to balance nutrition and yumminess. It too is full of amazing nutrients while having that hint of chocolate that people crave. This is still, years later, the most eaten bar in our household. Bot