Behind the Manners

At PTY Granola Co., we focus on three things:

  1. Making bars that are good for you and taste delicious – high quality ingredients without the extra additives and gluten-free.

  2. Sharing bars that remind us about manners – every bar is named after a manner, it’s even in our name! Manners show mutual respect in a world where a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

  3. Producing bars that don’t produce extra for the earth – our wrappers and packaging are eco-friendly.

My name is Brit Williams, I live in beautiful Minnesota and I started making these granola bars in 2015 from our home.  I didn’t like the ingredients in the bars my husband, Trevor, was eating and I wanted a new snack that was nutrient packed without all the additives. So, I developed my own recipe for a bar that he would eat, and I knew was good for me, while tasting good.  

For the next few years, I made them for our home and brought them to all my events (I’m an event planner) to share with the staff as a piece of homemade energy goodness.  

At one of my events earlier in 2019, for a nationwide natural food store, the staff raved about them and said I should sell them! So began this little journey of creating granola bars for all of you in hopes that you like them as much as I do!

People ask me: “Why do you make granola bars with manners, Brit?”

  • I want to remind people the power of manners and respect. I want to remind us all that even when we don’t care for someone we can still show them respect and through that respect we can strengthen our community.

“But why did you choose granola bars as a vessel for that message?”

  • It’s a fun, easy, daily way to share an important message. My products are specially crafted in a way to be inherently good for you - whole ingredients, well-balanced, and packaged in an earth-friendly way. It’s full circle: take care of yourself, be mindful of your community, think about your earth. They are simply a daily reminder of that.

  • I care about you, our community and our earth. Please & Thank You is here as a reminder of goodness ♥️

As I look back at the journey from 2019 until now, we’ve been through a lot so far!

  • Refined our recipe to elevate the taste, texture and nutrients – sourcing GF oats, developing our own nut butters and apple butter to keep down the additives and adjusting the ratios of ingredients to make the bar hold together better.

  • We’ve done shelf-life testing and all are shelf-safe for 6+ months.  We do recommend keeping the bars in the fridge for freshness and quality.

  • Updated our message and branding to focus on manners and mutual respect. The bars used to be named after me, my husband and our son, Oakley, but now focus on manners to continue to share the importance of being kind to one another.

  • Sourced packaging that is friendly to the environment – the individual wrappers and containers are compostable.

  • We have gone from selling solely on Insta-story to having a webpage, Facebook page and Instagram page and then at the Maple Grove Farmers Market!

  • We have continued to expand our presence at Farmers Markets, moved into a commercial kitchen and working with retail vendors.  

Bigger than all the business stuff, are the connections I make with all my customers - I treasure the new connections, reconnections and deeper connections that have come from this little adventure of mine. I’m so excited when I get to make granola bars and able share a snack food that I believe wholeheartedly in – I’m looking forward to sharing more PTY snacks with all of you!

Grab these granola bars whenever you want, but make sure to use your manners, Please & Thank you!