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All 5 Granola Bars, gluten-free and dairy-free

At P&TY Granola Co., we focus on 3 things:

1. Making bars that are good for you and taste delicious – high quality ingredients without the extra additives, gluten-free and dairy-free, using only natural sweeteners (honey & agave). 

We make our own nut butters so that we can control what goes into our products. 

2. Sharing granola bars that remind us about manners – every bar is named after a manner, it’s even in our name! Manners show mutual respect in a world where a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

3. Producing bars that don’t produce extra for the earth – our wrappers and packaging are eco-friendly.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Brit, and I call beautiful Minnesota home. Living with my husband, two kids, and our trusty dog, I embarked on a granola bar journey back in 2015. It all started when I noticed the lack of nutritional value in the granola bars my husband was eating. Determined to create something better, I crafted a granola bar that was both delicious and packed with essential nutrients, free from unnecessary additives.

Over the next few years, I whipped up these wholesome bars for our family and shared them at events I managed. Then, in early 2019, something magical happened. At a nationwide natural food store event, the staff couldn’t stop raving about my bars—they insisted I should sell them. That encouragement fueled my courage to share my creation with even more people!

But it wasn’t just about granola bars. As I pondered how our bars could stand out, I found myself teaching our young son about manners. The impact of a simple “No, Thank You!” versus a plain “No!” struck me profoundly. If such a small phrase could ease tensions with a child, imagine the transformative power of manners in all aspects of life.

And so, manners became our brand’s purpose. Our granola bars are crafted from simple, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients. They’re wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, but that’s not all—they carry a message that matters.

Manners mean respecting others, even when we disagree. We’re all humans, striving to do great things, and sometimes, we just need a gentle reminder to be kind to one another.

My hope? That our granola bars become a daily delight for people—a tasty reminder of the incredible power of manners.

As I look back at the journey from 2019 until now, we’ve been through a lot so far!

We’ve refined our recipe to elevate the taste, texture and nutrients – sourcing GF oats, developing our own nut butters to keep down the additives.

We’ve done shelf-life testing to ensure our products are shelf stable for 6+ months.

We've sourced packaging that is environmentally friendly and will continue to stay on the trend of treating our Earth well. We want to  give back and have partnered with companies out to do good.

We've gone from selling granola bars out of my house on Insta-story to having a full website and selling in markets, stores and cafes!

Our Accomplishments Include

Donated 1,000 trees and counting to One Tree Planted.

We’ve sold over 65,000 bars thus far!

​Bigger than all the business stuff, are the connections I make with all my customers - I treasure the new connections, reconnections and deeper connections that have come from this adventure of mine. I’m so excited when I get to make granola bars and able share a snack food that I believe wholeheartedly in – I’m looking forward to sharing more P&TY snacks with all of you!

Grab these granola bars whenever you want, but make sure to use your manners, Please & Thank you!

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