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Why Granola Bars with Manners?

We show respect for others through the act of good manners. Sometimes we just need a reminder of what good manners are when we’re rushing around trying to be the best we can be. These granola bars are a small seed in a big field of showing each other kindness and respect.

Each of our granola bars and granola are named after manners, as a way to remind us about manners and to have a little fun with good food.

Pardon me as I take this granola bar, Sharing is Caring so I’ll give you one too.

Yes, Please - I'll have more granola!

You’re Welcome for showing you how amazing these are. We certainly are living the Golden Rule. And for those nursing mamas, Mama May I have a bar?!

Not only do these granola bars remind us of being good, they are good! They are good for you, made from whole ingredients focused on being nutritious and tasty – all of them are gluten-fee, most are dairy-free, and we have nut-free and vegan options. In addition to being a good-for-you indulgence, they are good for the earth with packaging that is compostable or recyclable.

As a thank you to all our awesome fans, we offer 10% off with the promocode ThankYou10 on orders from our website, Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook too – just search Please & Thank You Granola Bars!

So go ahead, grab these granola bars and granola whenever you want, but make sure to use your manners, Please & Thank You!

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