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Partners to know

We love support and we love to support others. Check out our favorite partners!

Gold Ivy.PNG

Gold Ivy Health Co.

A health company dedicated to making an impact by empowering you. We will provide helpful knowledge and create practical steps that can improve your daily life, one step at a time.

Seek Growth.

Simplify The Action Steps. 

Build Confidence. 

Listen to their podcast, Ivy Unleashed, follow them on Instragram, subscribe to their newsletter, get amazing coaching. 

If you are looking for the Model Calendar Tool from Episode "Organize your life", click here! 

The peppered porch.png

The Peppered Porch

Brie and Mary are a mother/daughter team bringing years of experience and shared passions for interior design. They have hand-picked each item to showcase our vision for The Peppered Porch, with new items arriving daily.

It’s all about the feel you get when you walk into a room, let us help you pull things together to create your vision for your home.

DC Wellness.PNG

DC Wellness Center

Expect More. Live Better. 

Experts in pediatric, prenatal, family, and wellness chiropractic care.

Did you know that chiropractic care can do more for you than relieve pain? Rather than focusing on discomfort, our chiropractic team members are experts in your nervous system. This vital system can be thought of as the electrical panel in the body, and when it’s healthy, everything else can be “on,” too. When any pressure is removed from the nervous system, you can function at an optimal level. We want to be a source of knowledge for you to take advantage of. At each of your visits, it’s our goal to ensure that you walk out a better version of yourself than when you arrived.

Nikkolette Final_Turqoise.png

Nikkolette's Macarons

The perfect marriage of art and science – the French macaron, a naturally gluten-free dessert that will melt in your mouth. With flavors inspired by the seasons, including the best chocolate ganache you have ever tasted, each macaron is an epicurean delight.
Nikkolette has always been passionate about baking; she’s been making desserts for family and friends for years. Embracing her natural drive for perfection, she set her sights on one of the most challenging French patisserie—the macaron!

MN Basket Girl logo_edited.jpg

MN Basket Girl

My mission is to eliminate the stresses of last minute shopping and renew the joys of gift giving.

Our secret ingredient? We keep it local. 

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